Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m Lisa; a 25 year old Makeup Blogger from Scotland who’sย had a passion for makeup for as long as I can remember.

Throughout my blog, you will find my own honest reviews and first impressionsย on drugstore and high end makeup as well as other beauty bits and bobs.

To start reading my posts, please click on ALL ABOUT MAKEUP from the Menu bar.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you all!

New blog header 2016 (cropped)


30 thoughts on “Home

    • I had trouble with this yesterday! I had to Google how to do it. It’s a bit complicated at first. I’m at my boyfriend’s for the weekend and using my phone so it’s totally different from a computer/laptop. Have you got Facebook? I could add you and talk to you through Messenger? Or you can Google how to add pages to the menu bit x


      • Right.. Ive added in some more menu bars, but got the blog post in there. So Ive clicked on the News bit, and has my blog there.. how do i remove it?!

        Shall I tell you why I wasn’t finding out how to make a new menu bit… Because Im on my work computer, I am keeping the screen small, and didnt see a tab that said to add it hahaha!

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      • Awww haha! If you create a page saying something like ‘Blog’, go to the Admin section > Settings > Reading. There should be an option that says static front page and the under that it should say something about pages? There should also be a drop down arrow and you select the page you want your blog to be in. That’s off the top of my head btw! Haha x

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