A nifty makeup trick using sellotape

Straight line eye

For a while now, I have read many makeup and beauty blogs and watched many makeup and beauty YouTube videos. From doing this, I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to applying makeup. This post is about using sellotape to create a neat line when applying eyeshadow.

First of all, make sure you have sellotape and a pair of scissors handy! Cut a bit of sellotape off, I usually make sure it is big enough to stick under some of my lower lashes and that it sticks just past the end of my eyebrow.

With your bit of sellotape, be sure to keep it as close to the lash line of the bottom lashes as possible. This way when it comes to applying eyeshadow under the bottom lashes, you can connect it with the eyeshadow on your lid. You can apply the sellotape without foundation if you wish. I apply it whilst wearing foundation and fill in any bits of skin that the sellotape has removed foundation from.

Bear in mind, this technique works well with a smokey eye as you are using multiple eyeshadows and blending them all in.

Here is my end result of a smokey eye using the sellotape trick…

Straight line eye

To have the line look as dark as that, I applied a black eyeshadow in the outer corner and followed the sellotape slightly. I then went in with a brown eyeshadow and blended both together so that the black wasn’t so harsh looking.

Once you are happy with your eye makeup, remove the sellotape and you should have a flick like shape as an end result, just like the image above. Then you can go ahead and apply eyeshadow under your bottom lashes, add eyeliner if you want and mascara.

This nifty little trick is so easy and saves you time from trying to do it free hand!

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