Urban Decay Naked 2 palette: A smokey eye look

Smokey eye

In today’s blog post, you will see a smokey eye look using Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. Also, you will see which colours I used to achieve this look.

I remember the first time I clapped my eyes on the palette. The colours were so lovely and pigmented, I knew I had to create some sort of look with them (for those who have this palette, you’ll know what I’m on about!). To get the right smokey eye look, I watched a YouTube video on how to create this and fell in love straight away. Here is my smokey eye below (excuse my eyebrow!)…

Smokey eye

I first started off by highlighting my brow bone with ‘Foxy‘. This eyeshadow is a mix between white with a slight yellow tinge as you can see below…


I then went in with ‘Tease‘ in my crease. I started from the outer corner and worked my way in, making sure it was well blended in. The colour, once it was in my crease, looked like a mix between pink and brown. Here is the colour here although it does look much lighter…


From then, I used ‘YDK‘. This eyeshadow is very shimmery, pigmented and gorgeous…I love it! I used it half way in on my lid, so starting from the centre and working my way to the inner corner of it. Here is ‘YDK‘…


I then went in with ‘Blackout‘ on the outer corner and blended it up to the start of where I used ‘YDK’. This is where the smokey look started. ‘Blackout‘ is so pigmented, the blackest black I’ve seen so far, eyeshadow wise. You can see here…


After applying this, I then went in with ‘Busted‘ just to take the harshness of ‘Blackout‘ away slightly. ‘Busted‘ is a gorgeous shimmery brown colour. I usually use this colour all over my eyelid when I’m having a lazy day and can’t be bothered making an effort with my eyes. Here is the colour here…


To complete this eye look, I used a Maybelline black gel eyeliner on my waterline and Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara (my fav mascara if you didn’t know already!).

So, that is all that I used. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. I recently bought Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette and OMG! it’s gorgeous! No doubt I’ll have an eye look up using those colours too.

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