The Power Of Makeup

Half face

In today’s post, I will be writing about the power makeup has on those who choose to wear it and showing my ‘half face makeup selfie’.

I first started experimenting with makeup when I was age 15 and in my 4th year at high school. Even though I suffered from acne, I was lucky enough to get away with not wearing any makeup at all and had my friends tell me I was naturally pretty (I completely disagreed, obviously). When I was younger, I would sit and watch my mum apply her makeup, nothing fancy, just your everyday plain makeup look and I wanted to be like her at some point in my life. My female friends at high school all started wearing makeup, so I wanted to do the same.

My acne started to get worse and I became more self concious than usual. I felt that my only escape was wearing foundation to hide what was lurking underneath. So I did. Just foundation and nothing else. Back then, I didn’t know a lot about makeup and kept it to the ‘plain Jane’ look. I think I even wore clear mascara too just so that my eyelashes looked a litte more longer than usual. And that was my go to look.

As the next couple of years went on, I finished my 6th year at high school and that was me out into the big bad world. I was 17 when I left. This was when I was more aware about makeup; foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss etc. I had seen it all advertised on the television; these models all done up and looking absolutely gorgeous. This is where my point about the power of makeup comes in.

A lot of us think that if we copy what these models look like, makeup wise, we’ll look the exact same. But a lot of us fail to realise that it is all airbrushed and photoshopped. Those who suffer from bad skin feel they need to layer makeup onto their face to cover up and look like the next top model. I’m writing this from experience. I did the exact same. And ended up disappointed when I looked nothing like what I had seen on the television. Makeup is a mask and always will be. It hides our insecurities and we can be whoever we want to be whilst wearing makeup.

Age 23, I’m now in a loving relationship with a man that adores how I look, with or without makeup. I can’t stress enough how much confidence this has given me. Even though I still have bad skin and moan about it now and again, I’m now brave enough to venture outside most days wearing no makeup and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.

A little while ago, I seen a few people do one of those ‘half face makeup selfies’ and thought I’d give it a go –

Half face

I apologise for the quality of this photo by the way, I use my iPhone 6 to take photos as I don’t have a decent camera…yet! Anyway, you can see why people choose to wear makeup. Like I said before, it acts like a mask. The left side of my face makes me look so different. And yes, I do feel good about myself wearing makeup, who doesn’t?! But it is OK to have days where you don’t wear any. I accept what I look like without makeup and even though it still makes me that little bit self concious, I’m used to it. My spots have been in my life for 11 years and I can’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. Unless I wear foundation, obviously…

I’m sorry if this post has been slightly long! I hope you have enjoyed reading it and please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think!

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