REVIEW: Benefit Hoola bronzer

Benefit Hoola bronzer

In today’s post, I will be writing about my review on Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and featuring a small makeup look wearing this product.

Last month I ventured in to Debenhams and straight to the Benefit counter to purchase their Hoola bronzer. I had had my eye on this for a while and had obviously done my research to see if it was really worth buying. My plan was to use this product for contouring. It retails at £23.50 and I was more than happy to pay this price as I had my birthday money with me.

Benefit Hoola bronzer     Benefit Hoola bronzer (2)

I love the packaging of this product! It kind of reminds me of Soap & Glory’s quirky packaging and slogans. As you can see, the packaging is square and comes with a lid that is joined on to the box. Inside of the lid, there is a little mirror which comes in handy. Also, it comes with a brush which is the perfect shape to fit in to the hollows of the cheeks. To me, the powder is a slight terracotta colour.

RT contour brushes

I did use the little brush that came with the product to apply this to my face but recently I have been using two contour brushes by Real Techniques. I use the ‘contour brush’ (left) to apply the product and then use the ‘duo-fiber contour brush’ (right) to blend it out.

Benefit Hoola bronzer

So this is the small makeup look I did to show you what the product looks like once applied to the face. As you can see, it gives the face a lovely bronzed colour. Now, I’m no expert when it comes to contouring but I do apply this each time I put on my makeup so it gives me more practice with it. If you struggle to find the hollows of your checks, simply suck them in and make a ‘duck face’. Also, when applying and blending, keep as close to the hair line as possible as this gives a more natural look.

I am a big fan of this product and will continue to use this for contouring only. Well done Benefit on creating this fab product!

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