How I clean my makeup brushes


In today’s post, I will be showing you how I clean my makeup brushes in several simple steps.

Step 1: I fill the sink with some luke warm water.


Step 2: I wet my brush slightly in the luke warm water so that it makes it more easier to clean.


Step 3: I then use Johnson’s baby shampoo as I find this to be so gentle, not only for babies, but for my brush hairs as well.


Step 4: I then place a blob of the shampoo on to the top of my brush and swirl it about in the palm of my hand to clean it.


Step 5: Once I’ve swirled it about in my hand a bit, I end up with the brush looking all lathered up and foamy.


Step 6: I then place my brush back in to the luke warm water and start to wipe away any shampoo that has been left on the brush.


Step 7: Once I’ve done that, I clear the sink of the water and start to give my brush a final rinse under the tap using cold water.


Step 8: I then towel dry my brush, making sure it is no longer soaking and completely shampoo free.


Step 9: Once that’s done, I then leave my brush to ‘air dry’ and then use it for applying my makeup once it has completely dried.


And that’s it! That is how I clean my makeup brushes.

It is essential that you clean your makeup brushes regularly as they can collect bacteria and germs over a period of time and may cause you to have a breakout of spots on your face – I should know!

How do you clean your makeup brushes? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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8 thoughts on “How I clean my makeup brushes

  1. So simple and helpful! I do the exact same as well. I love that something affordable as baby shampoo can get the job done. I see some people spending loads on cleaners and I’m like, “why?” haha 🙂

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