Aftershave Balm | Can it be used as a primer?

Aftershave Balm Can it be used as a primer (2)

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be talking about the hype surrounding Nivea’s Post Shave Balm for sensitive skin.

I will also be featuring what the product looks like.

I was sat watching one of my favourite YouTubers a little while ago and they mentioned that Nivea’s Post Shave Balm was great for being used as a primer to prep your skin before applying foundation. I thought to myself “REALLY?! How on earth would that work?!”.  But me being me wanted to give it a go.

I noticed that my boyfriend uses this balm and so I decided to give it a sniff to see if it was overpowered with some sort of manly smell but to my surprise, it was quite subtle. When I was in Boots purchasing some stuff, I decided to make the balm one of my purchases. I got the 100ml bottle for £5.35.

Nivea Post Shave Balm & swatch

Now, I don’t know about you, but the packaging does look slightly manly to me with the blue and white colours. However, it is very simple and straight to the point about what the product is all about. The bottle itself is made of glass which means it’s pretty hard to even attempt to squeeze it, so it’s a case of just pouring the liquid out. As you can see from the swatch photo, the liquid itself is white but once rubbed in, it goes clear.

I’ve used this balm for about a week now under my foundation and I must say, it works absolute wonders! As I mentioned before, there is a subtle manly smell when you’re rubbing it in to your face but don’t let this put you off as once you’ve applied the rest of your makeup, the smell totally disappears. I’ve noticed that when wearing this, my makeup does not budge one little bit which I’m very pleased about. I found out that the balm contains an ingredient called ‘Glycerin’ which helps foundation stick to the face.

Apart from knowing that one of my favourite YouTubers loves this balm, I’ve noticed that more and more females have been using it in the same way as what I’ve been doing. In my opinion, I don’t think we should just stereotypically label men’s stuff as ‘just for men’. I bet there’s a lot more things out there that men use that women could use as well.

So, the answer to the title of this post is YES, aftershave balm can be used as a primer…and a very good one at that!

Do any of you use this or would like to? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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