Is the Veleza app worth the download?

Is the Veleza app worth the download

In this week’s blog post, I will be briefly talking about an Apple and Android app called Veleza and sharing my thoughts on it.

A little while ago, I was contacted by someone via email saying that they had came across my blog and really liked it. They then went on to explain that they worked for a company called ‘Veleza‘ and asked if I’d be interested in downloading their app on to my phone.

So I went ahead and downloaded it. They were kind enough to link my blog to my Veleza profile so that other users of the app could be directed to here.

My first thought was “Wow, this is very similar to Instagram!”. It’s like this because it brings beauty bloggers together and you are able to post pictures of your beauty products and talk about them with other users. The people that I follow on there and who follow me are all lovely – it’s a great community to be in.

Veleza keep in contact with me and are always keen to know what I think of the app. This gives them the chance to improve on bits that I find could be doing with a little tweaking. As a result of this, they have definitely improved the app but I still feel it could be a bit better, although they know my thoughts on this already.

They then asked me if I’d like to get involved with their ‘Bare Skin Confessions‘ stories. I was sent a series of questions to answer and send back to them and they’d have my story up and running within a few weeks.

Veleza Bare Skin Confessions

You can read my Bare Skin Confession story here.

Overall, I do like this app. I’ve started using it more and more over the past couple of weeks and have been enjoying talking to the other users who also use the app. As I said before, it is available for Apple and Android so if you are interested in downloading it, then go ahead!

Do any of you use Veleza? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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