My Top 10 Favourite Drugstore Makeup Products


In this week’s blog post, I will be talking about my top 10 favourite drugstore makeup products.

I will also be featuring pictures of said products and explaining why I like them so much.

As much as I love splurging out on high end makeup products, I always find myself coming back to the drugstore. It’s where a lot of us probably started out when we got into makeup and it’s so affordable as well.

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm 100ml – £5.35


I use this product as a primer and it is AMAZING! Now, you might be thinking “…eh?!” but trust me, it’s so good at helping your foundation last all day thanks to an ingredient called Glycerin. The balm comes in a glass bottle, making it feel luxurious and with it being priced at £5.35, you cannot go wrong! There is a hint of a manly smell but that soon fades when applied to the skin. I’ve had this product for quite a while now and I still have a lot left – a little goes a long way!

L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation 30ml – £9.99


For a while, I struggled to find a foundation that was suitable for my skin. That was until I heard about this one. From what I could see, a lot of people were raving about how good it was and I decided to try it out for myself. I have no regrets whatsoever about buying this! I use the shade Ivory and it is perfect for my skin. It’s super easy to blend with a buildable coverage. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this again when it runs out.

Soap & Glory Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar 5.6g – £12.00


I didn’t bother about filling in my eyebrows until I saw everyone else do it and decided to jump on the bandwagon. I wasn’t brave enough to try a brow pomade at the time and a fellow blogger recommended this Soap & Glory Brow Bar to me. It’s a powder formula and perfect for beginners. I use a brow pomade now but would have no hesitation to switching back to this as it is so easy to work with.

Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel – £3.99


Once I got in to the habit of filling in my eyebrows, I needed something to keep them in place all day. I purchased this styling gel in the shade Clear and it works perfectly. I just brush the gel through my eyebrows and that’s it – hairs are in place! It’s so affordable as well and I thoroughly recommend it.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense – £6.99


I’m no expert when it comes to creating a winged eye look using eye liner but this one is great! It’s not like your typical liquid liner as this is actually like a felt tip pen. I feel that this product is great for beginners until you feel brave enough to use a liquid version. It glides on so easily and even though it says ‘Perfect Slim’, you can still create a thicker line if you build it up. This product is definitely a must have in any makeup bag.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara 9.5ml – £7.99


This mascara is fab! It’s no secret that mascara is my absolute favourite makeup product and I’ve tried a fair few in my time, trust me! But somehow, I always find myself purchasing this one again and again. There’s no need to apply fake lashes as this product leaves your ones looking long and volumized.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer Three – Piece Camouflage Kit 2 x 2.6g – £10.00


This comes with two colour correcting concealers but I mainly use this product for the weightless transparent setting powder that comes with it too. Once I’ve applied my usual concealer to the bits where I want brightening, I set it with the powder and find it lasts all day with no creasing at all. Now, I know paying £10.00 and just using the powder only might seem like a waste of money, but it’s the only powder I’ve found that works well and I haven’t even touched pan with it yet.

Revlon Powder Blush – £7.99


I was on the lookout for a blush that didn’t have a shimmer through it and found this Revlon blush to be perfect. The shade I chose is 008 Racy Rose. It’s a matte finish, thankfully, and is the ideal colour to leave your cheeks looking that little bit flushed without leaving them looking a bit too on the pink side.

Sleek Highlighter Eye Palette Solstice – £9.99


This must be one of thee most raved about Sleek makeup products. It comes with four gorgeous highlighters and they are so pigmented! They don’t give off an over the top look, unless you build it up, but it gives a very subtle look and in the right lighting, you’ll be dazzling. I highly recommend this product.

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Lipstick – £6.50


If you’re looking for a matte liquid lipstick, then this range is definitely for you! The colour pay off is great and you won’t be disappointed. They are so affordable as well. I bought a couple of them in the nude sort of shades and I find them to work so well with any makeup look I wear that day.

I’m sorry that I didn’t include any eyeshadow products or a concealer as the ones I use are more high end and obviously wouldn’t fit in to these drugstore choices.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog post and please leave me a comment to let me know if you use any of these products or what your top 10 favourite drugstore makeup products are.


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