Morphe Brushes 35P Color Plum Palette Review


In this week’s blog post, I will be reviewing the Morphe Brushes 35P Color Plum Palette.

I will also be featuring what the product looks like.

The majority of the time, I’d spend a certain amount of my wages on new makeup. I’d heard about the brand Morphe Brushes but had never really taken a good look at the products that they had to offer. I fancied buying some makeup from the Beauty Bay website and that was when I finally had a browse at this particular brand.

I noticed that their products were very affordable and had great reviews to go with them. After scrolling and scrolling, I settled on their 35P Color Plum Palette which retailed at £21.00. I was in need of trying out new eyeshadows anyway and really wanted to give this palette a try. When I received the email to say my order was on its way, I could not wait to get my hands on it!

You can read the full product description here.


Starting off with the packaging, I wasn’t totally blown away with it. It feels very plastic-like and slightly flimsy. I do like the matte black finish though. On the lid itself, it has the Morphe logo in the middle of it.


When you open it up, however, you are greeted with 35 gorgeous colours. I saw a picture of these on Beauty Bay’s website but that didn’t do it justice. There are an array of matte and shimmer colours and are totally right up my street.


I love the more neutral shades for an everyday look and the darker, sort of more purple shades for a night time look.

I’ve been using this palette a lot recently since we’ve came in to the Autumn and Winter season and I absolutely love it! The colours are very pigmented so it’s best to use a light hand when applying them. They do give off quite a bit of residue when you dip your brush in too. I haven’t used them without using an eye primer first yet but with the right base, they last all day long. What I really don’t like about it though is that it can’t fit in your makeup bag, handbag etc. I think this palette would be great if you’re a makeup artist or training to be one as you are then able to carry it around with you in a bigger bag.

Overall, I am a fan of this product. I’m keen to try out more of their palettes as they are so worth the money.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog post and please leave me a comment to let me know if you use this palette or you would like to.


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