NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Review


In this week’s blog post, I will be reviewing the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer.

I will also be featuring what the product looks like and a swatch of it as well.

When I had ran out of my trusty Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, I was feeling sad to say the least. With it being a bit on the pricey side, I opted to purchase a drugstore concealer instead that would do an equally perfect job.

My first thought was to have a look at the NYX counter in Boots. I’ve got a few products from them and thought it would be a good idea to try out one of their concealers. After having a good browse, I bought one of their HD Studio Photogenic Concealers in the shade CW02 Fair. I tried a little tester of it on the back of my hand and that particular shade matched me perfectly. It retails at £5.50 which I think is a reasonably good price.

You can read the full product description here.


Starting off with the packaging, it’s very simple and sleek. It has the typical NYX logo at the top and the rest of the information underneath it. I like that the tube itself is see-through which helps you see the actual shade of the concealer. The tube also has a plastic feel to it.


It comes with a doe foot applicator (hurrah!). Comparing it to the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer one, it’s more smaller and has a slight curve to it, giving you easy access to apply the product.


This is a swatch of the concealer on the back of my hand. As most of you might already know, I don’t tend to use a concealer to cover up any spots or blemishes but instead I use it to brighten up certain areas on my face. After applying my foundation first and then this on top, I found that it blended well and had little to no creasing. I’d say there’s a medium coverage there with the potential of creating a full one.

Overall, I am a fan of this product. When I’m next able to purchase the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, then I will but this NYX one is a cheaper alternative that works just as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog post and please leave me a comment to let me know if you use this product or you would like to.


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