Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Glosses First Impression


You may remember my first blog post of 2017 where I talked about the mascara that came in the Estée Lauder The Makeup Artist Collection set that I received for Christmas. As part of that set, there were two lip glosses inside it also and I was drawn to them as the colours looked gorgeous.

I had a look on the Estée Lauder website at how much they would cost if they were bought separately and they retail at £20.00 each. Now, I personally wouldn’t buy a lip gloss at that price so I was glad I received these for free in a way! The shades that I have are Flirtatious Magenta and Discreet Nude, which I think are fab names.

You can read the full product description here.




I wouldn’t say that the packaging is anything fancy. Estée Lauder, to me, is a high end/luxury brand and I feel as though these lip glosses have drugstore packaging. Nevertheless, the see-through tubes show off the gorgeous colours that are inside. On top of the lids, you’ll find the typical Estée Lauder logo and on the bottom, you’ll find the product and shade names.


I was glad to find that the glosses come with a doe foot applicator and a long wand, making it easier for application. There is a slight scent to the glosses and it reminds me of sweeties, which is actually quite a pleasant smell.


Look at how gorgeous those colours are! I was a little bit sceptical about both of them though as I’m not used to a dark lip and the lighter shade looked a bit too light. If you look closely, you’ll see there is a slight shimmer to them and that they don’t dry matte.



I had a slight bit of trouble with applying the Flirtatious Magenta shade as it ended up a little bit patchy on my lips and took a while to get to the look that I was happy with, even thought part of me wasn’t overly happy. If I had used a lip liner beforehand, then the result might have been different. The Discreet Nude I found to be too sheer on its own and would probably act better as a lip topper on top of a matte lipstick. The formula is sticky which I’m really not keen on.

Overall, I’m not a fan of these glosses. I don’t know whether I will use them properly and I personally don’t feel as though they are worth the purchase if I was to buy them myself.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog post. Please leave a comment to let me know if you use these glosses or you would like to.


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