My Skincare Routine for 2017


For a good few months now, I’ve been using different skincare products. The reason behind this being that Boots’ own Botanics range just wasn’t doing it for me anymore and I found my skin fast becoming dry and irritated. I was on the hunt for skincare products that were kind and gentle to the skin and that was when I came across Nivea’s range.

At the time I purchased these products, Boots were doing a 3 for 2 deal and so I decided to go the whole way of choosing a new cleanser, toner and face wash; the moisturiser I picked up elsewhere. I really wanted to see a change in my skin, especially with it being so dry and my makeup sticking to those patches, so I had high hopes.


Creme Care Cleansing Lotion

I adore this cleanser for the first stage of removing my makeup. The formula is slightly thick and I’m able to work it well in to my skin to remove every trace of makeup I’ve had on that day. There is a slight scent but nothing too horrible and it reminds me of the Nivea Creme (you know the one I’m talking about in the little blue tub). I use this cleanser at night time only.

Refreshing Toner

I use this toner as the second stage of removing my makeup. The clue is in the name where it says ‘Refreshing’ as it really does refresh your face once you’ve firstly used the cleanser. When I give my face a little feel afterwards, it feels soooo soft and clean. There is a slight scent but a fresh one nonetheless. Again, I use this toner at night time only.

Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash

I use this wash every morning and every night without fail. Just like the cleanser, the formula is slightly thick and has that slight hint of the Nivea Creme. I use a generous amount and it’s nothing like the washes that I’ve used in the past as you’re essentially massaging cream all over your face, so to speak. Once it’s rinsed off, my skin feels even more smoother and clean knowing that my face is makeup free.

Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream

I know it says ‘Day’ in the name but I use this at night time as well. A little goes a long way and I tend to focus applying this to my cheeks, chin, around my nose and my forehead. Just like the other three products, there is a slight scent but that disappears soon after you’ve applied it. I’ve found that I’m able to apply it before my makeup and have had no problems so far with that.

Overall, these products are my skin’s saviour. I no longer have dry patches on my face and am now able to wear makeup much more confidently.

I’m really keen to know what your skincare routine is like and what products you use, so please leave me a comment telling me.


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